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Our compactors are top of class, doing the heaviest jobs without shaking themselves apart.

Tamco / Toku Tamper

Toku and Tamco offers a variety of rammers and tampers for the job site, foundry, or mill. All tools feature heat treated alloy steel cylinders, innovative features, and rugged construction. Toku and Tamco have the ideal tool for any of your soil or substrate compaction needs. These rugged and reliable tools will provide years of …

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Sakai RS65 Rammer

Features & Benefits: Extremely light weight Superior Shock Isolation System Lowers Vibration Level at Operator Handle Height-Adjustable Handles for Operator Convenience All-in-One Fuel Off Lever and Engine Stop Switch Diaphragm Carburation

Dynapac LG500 Reversible Plate Compactor

The LG500 offers a heavy-duty reversible plate with high compaction performance. A powerful Diesel engine makes the LG500 an economical attractive alternative to heavy vibratory rollers. The wide base plate is designed for fast compaction of soil and stone material on large surfaces, and also for building foundations and backfill against supporting walls. Features: Electric …

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Small Plate Compactor

The LF3820 is ideal for small repair and maintenance work such as driveways and pathways, parking lots and back-filling in trenches. Forward plates are also a complement to rollers that may not be able to operate effectively in confined spaces. These all-round machines are specially designed to compact soil in confined areas, such as in …

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MBW GPR135DE Reversible Plate Compactor

The MBW Hydraulic Reversible Plate Compactor differs from competing products in that special attention has been paid to make maintenance a snap. Plate compactors typically “shake themselves apart” due to the nature of the machine. MBW has simplified the process by seperating the shifting seals from the exciter assembly. Thus, the exciter assembly isn’t exposed …

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