MBW GPR135DE Reversible Plate Compactor

The MBW Hydraulic Reversible Plate Compactor differs from competing products in that special attention has been paid to make maintenance a snap. Plate compactors typically “shake themselves apart” due to the nature of the machine. MBW has simplified the process by seperating the shifting seals from the exciter assembly. Thus, the exciter assembly isn’t exposed during repairs and service time is reduced dramatically.

The MBW GPR135DE in particular has a Hatz 10.2 hp Diesel fueled engine and has an exciter speed of 3,840 vibrations per minute. It can compact up to 28 inches deep and can travel 76 feet per minute, leading to a grand total of 7,490 square feet compacted per hour!

Key Features

  • Forward or reverse, infinitely variable travel plus spot compaction
  • Lower maintenance hydraulic shifting mechanism
  • Optional extension plates for variable plate widths
  • Lifting bails for ease in handling
  • Higher amplitudes than competitive models, increased travel speed and climbing ability
  • Full roll cage protection
  • Simple, convenient, safe controls at operators position