36″ Power Trowel (CP STG 36)

CP 36" Power Trowel

From small edging tasks to larger floors, CP has a power trowel to create the finish you require.

CP’s STG power trowels are used after the leveling process to create a long-lasting, durable finish. These models are designed for reliable performance and low maintenance, providing an efficient solution for troweling applications. With convenient features and easy handling, they’re an excellent solution to help maximize job site productivity.Features & Benefits

  • Dead-man switch stops the engine when released
  • Throttle control allows smooth, easy engine speed adjustment
  • Pitch control is easy to access
  • Honda® engine is U.S. EPA and CARB approved
  • Spider blade arm stiffener helps ensure a super-flat floor
  • Centrifugal clutch provides dependable operation

STG 36

  • Lifting eye for easy transport
  • Protection ring and rubber element absorb impact and protect gearbox

STG power trowels are used on concrete slabs, industrial floors, parking lots and alleys. STG 36 and 46 are higher capacity trowels designed for larger slabs. Common applications include floors, parking and harbors.