Manitou MT 625 H Telehandler / Material Handler

From the Manitou website:


The MT 625 H telehandler is specially designed for building sites and renovation projects involving lower heights. Its compact dimensions – with a width of 1.8 m and under 2 m in height – mean you can easily pass under thresholds and navigate congested areas. Its 3.3 m turning radius and 3 steering modes available provide you with excellent manoeuvrability. Easy to use, this handler features an ergonomic instrument panel and JSM-equipped joystick to easily execute manoeuvres.

The MT 625 H has a lifting capacity of 2.5 t, with a max lifting height of 5.85 m. Its 75 hp engine reaches speeds of up to 25 km/h. Maintenance is made easy with the wide opening angle of the bonnet. The 90 l gear pump allows for simultaneous movement of the boom and telescope for increased productivity.


Spec Sheet



Lifting height 5.85 m 19.19 ft
Lifting capacity 2500 kg 5500 lb
Drawbar pull 3550 dan
Breakout force 3427 dan
Moving speed 25 kmh 15.5 mph


Length (up to the back of the fork) 3.9 m 12.79 ft
Width 1.81 m 5.97 ft
Height 1.92 m 6.3 ft
Weight (standard fork, unladen) 4800 kg 10362 lb
Turning radius 3.31 m 10.86 ft
Ground clearance 0.33 m 1.08 ft

Engine / Battery

Energy Diesel
Engine brand Kubota
Engine type 3B / Tier IV Final
Power 75 cv 75 hp
Power 55.4 KW
Max. Torque @ Rotation 265 Nm @ tr/min
Injection Direct
Cooling Water
Transmission type Hydrostatic


Flow 90 l/min
Pressure 235 bars

Other specifications

Driving type Seated
Standard tyres Pneumatic
Number of wheels 4
Number of wheels (front) 2
Number of wheels (rear) 2
Number of drive wheels (front) 2
Number of drive wheels (rear) 2
Tractor European Conformity
Average consumption whilst loading 10.9
Average consumption whilst driving 11.8
Average consumption whilst handling 4.9
Average consumption whilst idle 1.4