Barreto 24″ Trencher

The innovative 24″ Barreto Trencher self-propelled trencher is perfect for the landscape contractor or homeowner with smaller trenching applications such as sprinkler systems. The 24″ Barreto Trencher uses all-hydraulic power for superior reliability. Barreto’s revolutionary new pivot system keeps the pivot bushing out of the dirt. In addition, the 24″ Barreto Trencher has a hydraulically operated boom and digging chain, and freewheeling hubs on both sides.

Key Features

  • Trench Depth: 12″-18″
  • Trench Width: 4″
  • Total Height: 43″
  • Forward: 132fpm
  • Reverse: 58fpm
  • Digging Chain Speed: 227fpm