Blue Star 185 DX Welder

Compact and portable, its small footprint uses little truck space. Optional running gear also makes the Blue Star® one-man portable. Large 5-gallon fuel capacity leads its class. You get longer run time for welder or generator usage. Standard Auto Idle feature allows the engine idle while not in use while reducing fuel consumption and noise. Single-range amperage control makes setting amperage levels easy.

Key Features

  • Process: Stick, DC TIG, Air Plasma Cutting and Gouging
  • Ideal for maintenance and repair applications, farm and ranch, and construction
  • Rated Output at 104┬░ F
  • 185 models: 185 A at 25 V, 20% duty cycle
  • 130 A at 25 V, 60% duty cycle
  • 315 lb
  • Engine: Kohler electric start, 12.75 HP at 3600 RPM