Skid Steer Breaker Attachment (Allied)

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Here at Interstate Rentals, we strive to pursue new technology and newly designed tools so our customers can get their jobs done better, faster. The Allied Rammer breaker attachment is one such tool. With a maintenance free design that eliminates the need for greasing and recharging, we hope you’ll see the value inherent to such a tool. 


The breaker tool on the unit is also trapezoidal, which means that it won’t get stuck in concrete! This leads to a longer life on the breaker tool since you don’t have to worry about accidental prying anymore. The attachment can be mounted onto a skid steer loader or a mini-excavator, making it the right tool for the job, no matter the breaking job. 



  • Mounting Type – Combo
  • Energy Class – 500 ft.lbs.
  • Frequency – 400-1,900 bpm (beats per minute)
  • Oil flow range – 5-18 gal/min (gallons per minute)
  • Operating Pressure – 150 bar, 2,175 psi
  • Working weight – 452 lbs.
  • Overall Length – 45″
  • Standard demolition tool – trapezoidal
  • Tool diameter – 5.9″
  • Carrier Weight – 5,500 – 12,100 lbs.

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Skid Steer Breaker Attachment (Allied)

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