Compact Track Loaders

Vertical Lift Compact Track Loader (Wacker Neuson ST31)

Wacker ST-31 compact track loader


The ST31 redefines the standards by seamlessly combining the compact size of a medium frame with the robust lift capacity typically found in larger loaders. Engineered for versatility, its vertical lift arm, impressive 125-inch lift height, and a powerhouse 74hp engine set it apart as an accomplished material handler, making it the ideal choice for diverse applications, from efficiently moving palletized materials around a construction site to swift truck loading operations.

The wide, double-steel reinforced tracks not only enhance stability but also contribute to a significantly reduced total cost of ownership, ensuring a smart investment for your material handling needs.

Key Features

  • Intuitive Mechanical Hand-Foot Controls: Operate boom and bucket controls effortlessly via foot pedals while steering the machine with precision using hand levers. Selectable EH Joystick Controls: Toggle between ISO and H-Pattern control patterns, with sensitivity adjustments tailored to operator preferences. The loader is designed to accommodate the control preferences of any user.
  • Control Diversity: Tailored to operators with varied backgrounds and experience levels, ensuring efficient operation across the board.
  • Choice of Controls: Opt for Mechanical Hand-Foot Controls or Selectable EH Joystick Controls featuring both ISO and H patterns.
  • Maintenance-Free Operation: Say goodbye to extreme heat and reduced performance during regeneration. The loader features a maintenance-free aftertreatment system with a passive Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) and Exhaust Gas Recirculation, contributing to a reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
  • Reliability at its Core: The forward-tilting cab and a streamlined arrangement of internal components minimize downtime in the event of repairs. It’s a fact of life, and we’ve made sure you’re back on track swiftly.
  • Easy Access: A spacious engine bay, complemented by a swing-up cooling package, provides convenient access to hydraulics and the engine, facilitating hassle-free maintenance.



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